WA Immune 2022

WA Immune

WA Immune – WhatsApp (WA) Immune is one of the WhatsApp (WA) Mod applications that is immune to virtex so it is difficult to experience lag when sending or sending viruses.

WhatsApp Immune is said to be a WA Mod application that is immune to virtex because the system has been modified so that it can read and load characters in the virtex properly.

In addition, WhatsApp Immune also has other names, namely WA immune and WA anti-virtex.

So you don’t need to be afraid of errors or account break-ins by hackers.

If you are new to WhatsApp Immune, then we recommend that you read this article to the end.

Because we will review in full about the WA Immune.

WA Immune

1. Download WA Immune

WA Immune
Download WA Immune

As for how to download WA Immune as follows:

  • Because WhatsApp Immune is a WA Mod application, it cannot be downloaded via the Play Store guys and you can download it via the following link (Download WhatsApp Immune).
  • You can get the WhatsApp Immune file itself via Google Drive and to download it, please go to the Google Drive page first.
  • When you have entered the Google Drive page, you can immediately click the Download icon which is marked with a down arrow symbol.
  • If you use the Google Drive application, you can select an account (email name) then click OK.
  • Here we provide a Google Drive link that can be visited to start downloading the WhatsApp Immune file.

2. How to Send Virtex using WA Immune

WA Immune
How to Send Virtex using WA Immune

Meanwhile, how to send Virtex using WA Immune is as follows:

After the application is successfully downloaded, then you can install the application as usual guys.

  • But you must activate the “Unknown Source” option first, because the file cannot be downloaded through the Google Play Store.
  • If the application has been installed, immediately register as in the official WhatsApp application.
  • Then don’t forget to enter the confirmation code so that the installation can be completed faster.
  • You can try sending a virtex without experiencing error problems after WhatsApp is active.

Important information:

This application is not said to be 100% safe, so we recommend that you do not use it as the main chat application.

However, you can still use it to send virtex as needed.

Because if you send too much virtex, it can make the target angry and of course it can cause unwanted things to happen.

3. How to make WA Immune Safe from Virtex Virus

WA Immune
How to make WA Immune Safe from Virtex Virus

In fact, the WhatsApp application often experiences lag, errors, not responding and others when you open a text virus.

This happened because there were some codes that were not read by the official WhatsApp application, guys.

So, the official WhatsApp application must be replaced with the modified WA Immune application.

4. WA Immune Anti Virtex

WA Immune
WA Immune Anti Virtex

While WA Immune anti-virtex as follows:

1. Download and install WA Immune

So that WhatsApp can be said to be anti-virtex, then you have to download it via the link we have provided above.

To download it, you can go through the WhatsApp application in the first sub-discussion and then you can find the download file and install it immediately.

If WhatsApp mod cannot be installed, try to uninstall the official WhatsApp application and reinstall it later.

2. Re-register

The next step, you can re-register by entering your cellphone number, then enter the verification code that has been sent.

You can use the old account and can log in immediately if you don’t want to create a new account.

3. Clear app cache

So that the application can run normally, it’s a good idea to clear the application cache first, after the cache is clean, you can only start for Virtex War.

To prevent the loss of some features, we recommend that you use both WhatsApp applications.

The official WhatsApp application is used to chat as usual and WhatsApp Immune is used to do Virtex War.

The final word

Thus a review of WhatsApp Immune that can be studied and taken into consideration so that you are more confident in using it.

Pay attention to every important information that has been written, to avoid mistakes when used.

Use the Mod application properly and wisely, so that no party is harmed.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about WA Immune 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.