What Date is Free Fire Closed? This is the Truth

Information about the date on which Free Fire was closed has actually been heard since May 2022. It’s just that before the second of the day, there is now starting to be a hot conversation again about whether Free Fire will be closed by the Indonesian government.

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Here, we will provide the facts whether it is true that Free Fire will be closed or not by the Indonesian government. Because this is a very important thing to discuss so that Free Fire players are not confused.

Immediately, we refer to our review related to information that is still confusing until July 10, 2022 this time. Even though the information circulating this month will be the determining point for the sustainability of Free Fire in Indonesia.

What Date is Free Fire Closed? Is it true?

Information that has been widely circulated since May 2022 states that Free Fire closed on 18 July 2022 by the Indonesian government. So that until this article is published there are only 8 days left. That’s why at this time a lot of Free Fire players are trying to determine whether on July 18, 2022 Free Fire will be removed by the Indonesian government.

What Date is Free Fire Closed
What Date is Free Fire Closed

We originally didn’t dare to give a statement that maybe Free Fire won’t be closed on July 18, 2022. Now considering that July 13, 2022 starts the New Normal, it could be to reduce the laziness of students in this era who play Free Fire every day, it could be Free True fire will be closed.

It’s just as an argument or our opinion. On the other hand, indeed in May 2022 ago there was a site from Indo that made a hoax that Free Fire would be deleted on July 18, 2022. But what is the meaning behind this information, we also don’t know that Free Fire players continue to grow.

Is Free Fire Closed on 18 July 2022?

The basic question at this time that Area Tricks often encounters is whether Free Fire was closed by the Indonesian government on July 18, 2022? To answer this, we honestly do not know because the information we receive is still very little.

You have to make sure from the official page of the Ministry of Communication and Information regarding the blocking that will be carried out on Free Fire. Therefore, you must have the courage to ask the Indonesian government.

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In our opinion, what date might Free Fire be closed, the answer is simple. It depends on the policy of the Indonesian state because the one who has the right to allow games or others to enter Indonesia is Kominfo.