What Hyung Means on TikTok in Slang Turns Out

Meaning of Hyung on TikTok — TikTok is a social media that is quite attractive to many Indonesian citizens because of its short videos which are very interesting to watch. It’s no wonder that TikTok is currently reaching various circles of the population of this country. There is hardly any stratum of society that does not use TikTok. So it’s not surprising that there are many terms that most new TikTok users may not understand.

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One term TikTok which until now is still a question mark is what Hyung meant on TikTok. What is Hyung on TikTok? What is Hyung in slang? Today we are going to break it all down for you. So don’t you miss our next review. Of course this will provide a broad insight for all of you.

In slang maybe the meaning of Hyung will be a little different. But in fact, if you touch it, it will be the same when it is used for applications made in China. So, instead of getting longer, let’s try to find out what Hyung means on TikTok.

The meaning of the word Hyung on TikTok turns out to be this

Basically, the word Hyung is not purely Indonesian. So the term “Hyung” came about as a result of the large number of drakor lovers who use the TikTok application. The drakor lover who ordained himself as a slang boy was very happy to use the term Hyung in using the TikTok Application. So the word Hyung is a word from Korean.

Meaning of Hyung on TikTok
Meaning of Hyung on TikTok

They call the other person chatting with TikTok or an older man in which case they think of him as a brother so they call him Hyung. So Hyung means an older brother who is very familiar with TikTok users.

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It’s just, on the other hand for Twitter users who switch to TikTok. Takes Hyung’s words as a joke. In Javanese, Hyung is an expression that conveys a little disappointment. More fully, Javanese people will say hyung… so yeah maybe it could be the meaning of Hyung like this too. ?

The Origin of the Word Hyung

Judging from our explanation above, the origin of the word Hyung, which is widely discussed on the TikTok application, is from the Korean language. However, it is also possible from the Indonesians themselves.

Regardless of where the word Hyung clearly means, we have also conveyed the meaning of the word Hyung above, so just check whether it matches or not with your expectations.

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That’s our review of Meaning Hyung on TikTok. Hopefully what we have said above is useful and useful for all of you. Don’t forget to be happy today.