What is Google Workspace?

What is Google Workspace.

| Google changed its G Suite service brand to Google Workspace. And it’s no coincidence that there have been so many brand changes and redesigns happening across Google’s services last year.

Earlier this year, Google renamed Hangouts Meet to Google Meet. Then, Gmail began to be redesigned to include tabs for Google Meet directly in the Gmail window. Some of these changes occurred after the pandemic, while others are in the works. However, apparently, all this led to this moment – the launch of Google Workspace.

When G Suite launched a few years ago, it was a perfect service for how it worked then. But everything is different now. Working from home is a new thing for almost everyone. And technology plays an integral role in keeping people connected. These changing dynamics require new solutions as well. Google Workspace is a solution to facilitate remote work.

Google Workspace is a Google product that has been rebranded and redesigned to replace G Suite. It will bring everything together – Gmail, Chat, Meet, Docs, Calendar – in an attempt to combine everything you need to work in one space. Previously, all of these productivity apps from Google could only be accessed separately.

And, now you can access everything directly from Gmail. But Google Workspace is not just an integration that brings all the tools to one place for you. More than that. This will make collaboration with your team members easier and more effective while using Google services. There will be a new feature known as Rooms which is very similar to Teams in Microsoft Teams.

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A Google Workspace account is basically what used to be a G Suite account. And this integrated experience is available to all paying customers now. So users who are already using G Suite will find the changes in their account. Those who want a Google Workspace account but don’t have a G Suite account can subscribe to one of the new business plans included with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace’s pricing is similar to that of G Suite, but Google has introduced additional plans and the names for the previous plans are also different.

For companies with less than 300 users, the price tiers apply as:

  • Business Starter – $6 per user per month
  • Business Standard – $12 per user per month
  • Business Plus – $18 per user per month

Services and resources differ with each plan. For larger companies they have Enterprise plans, and the same price quote will only be available by contacting the Sales team.

Besides, there is also Essentials pack for $8 per user per month for companies or departments that want Meet, Docs, and Drive but want to keep their current email and calendar system.

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Google Workspace is not just a new name used for an old service. Many things will change with this new product. But that doesn’t mean that the changes will be disruptive. People who have always used G Suite services will find it easier to do this step.

The new philosophy backed by Google Workspace and the new Gmail isn’t just for paying customers. Google Workspace will also be available to free subscribers in the coming months, but the level of service will vary.