What is My OPPO App? Here’s the Clarity

What is My OPPO App? — New OPPO cellphone users were recently surprised by the presence of an app that installed itself on their cellphones called OPPO Ku. Maybe some smartphone users from China will be very curious about what application it actually is.

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Is this OPPO Ku app dangerous? It seems that this is not dangerous because it still carries the OPPO label. From our guess, this is actually a system application from the cellphone like in Xiaomi, namely the Mi Fans application. But whether it’s true or not, please review it in this article until it’s finished.

Keep in mind, this application has not yet been released on the official OPPO cellphone page. So even if you visit the official OPPO, the OPPO Ku application is still not there. However, there is nothing wrong if you ask the nearest OPPO sales in your city.

What is My OPPO App? Please Listen

From information from OPPO cellphone users, the OPPO Ku application suddenly appears on the home screen without having to install it from the Play Store, so we are also curious what this is. It was scary at first. But after that we didn’t.


This is because after we opened the OPPO Ku application, it turned out to be to manage the Heytap account. Heytap is a platform that provides global Internet services such as OPPO’s App Market, Browser and Game Center.

So this application only aims for that. However, to allow the application to work better, you can give permission to use the application. If you are sure, use it, otherwise try uninstalling it.

Is My OPPO Dangerous?

If you look at our experience while using Android phones, either Xiaomi or Android phones, OPPO like this. Indeed, there are many official default applications from the company, so this is most likely an official application from OPPO.

So it’s not dangerous to say. In our opinion, this application will provide the best service for OPPO cellphone users in the future. Experiences in using a browser, playing games and so on on your OPPO cellphone will be sent directly to OPPO as long as your cellphone is connected to the internet.

How to Use the OPPO KU App?

To be able to use this application, you have to do it as usual. Tap on the app and the app will open. When it’s the first time, just tap Agree when there is a notification on the screen.

Next you will enter on the home screen of the application. There appear many service features of Oppo products, for example the location of the official Oppo store around you, the Oppo service center, and Oppo customer service.

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Interestingly by using this, you will get points. You can even increase your membership level, such as standard, silver, golden and diamond. When your points increase, you can exchange them for attractive prizes.


That’s information about what the OPPO Ku application is. Hopefully this can be safe information for you in using the application. Don’t be afraid because we’ve tried it.