WhatsApp Quran Bot, Here’s How to Use It

It turns out that it is very easy to use the WhatsApp Quran bot. Therefore, in this post, the Trick Area will explain to you all about how to use the Qur’an wa bot which is starting to be sought after by many users. WhatsApp.

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Therefore, so that you can immediately understand this quran wa bot, you actually have to look for the quran wa bot number and then save it in your contact list. Then start updating your WA contact list so that your Quran wa bot number can be loaded.

When you have done this, you are ready to use the Qur’an bot on Wa to search, display and even play guessing verses / letters or interpretations of the Koran. So it is very interesting to learn the Quran via WhatsApp anytime and anywhere.

What is WhatsApp Quran Bot? Read the explanation

Of course, before using the Quran Wa bot, every user will first ask what it really is. So, if you are also curious, just take a look at our explanation below to understand better.

WhatsApp Quran bot
WhatsApp Quran bot

WhatsApp Quran bot is an automatic chat reply of the conversation you made with that contact which will display the verse, surah and its translation automatically. So that’s the definition of a bot Quran Wa.

How to Use Bot Quran Wa Easily

To be able to use the quran wa bot, please save it first quran wa bot number is +628999900411. If so then follow the next instructions below.

  • Open your WhatsApp.
  • Please make a chat with the Quran bot number earlier.
  • When it opens, please type in the following, for example, type a letter: [spasi] name/mail no.
  • Then just send.
  • Later you will get a reply from this quran bot.

That’s about how to use the quran wa bot. As additional information, you can use several other commands to maximize your quran wa bot.


That’s it for our explanation about the Quran Wa bot. Hopefully what we explain above is useful and useful for all of you. Make sure you keep reading our other articles.