When is Free Fire’s 2022 Birthday? Here’s the History

When is Free Fire’s Birthday 2022? Perhaps this is currently a question for many survivors throughout Indonesia. Considering that Free Fire itself was released on December 4, 2022. But so far, what we have observed is that FF’s birthday is always on a different date. So on the first and second FF anniversary it was different. That’s why we created this article to answer all of that.

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Remember Free Fire is the most successful game, a unique Battle Royale game, and the most widely played game in almost all of Indonesia, with the number of active Free Fire platers more than `100 million active players every day around the world so it’s no wonder the question about Free Fire’s birthday continues to increase .

If you know the exact date when Free Fire will be celebrating its birthday, then feel free to inform us too. Because we have information that FF’s birthday has been on a different date for the past 2 years.

When is Free Fire’s 2022 Birthday? Let’s Find Out

Free Fire was originally created in Vietnam by a small local studio called 111dots studio in August 2022. In the same year, September to be exact, 111dots studio won its first video on Youtube, Free Fire in English version also came out in October 2022.

When is Free Fire's Birthday
When is Free Fire’s Birthday?

Reflecting on this information, FF’s birthday is always celebrated in August every year. So, this month is Free Fire’s birthday and it is clear that Garena will offer many gifts to its players. That’s why information on when Free Fire celebrates its third anniversary continues to rise.

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Therefore, we will try to see the history of FF’s birthday since the first, second, and third year for this year, about when Garena’s FF birthday falls. That way, there will be no more confusing information circulating on the internet there.

Free Fire’s First Birthday

The first anniversary of FF falls on August 18 2022. In this first year, a lot of prizes for cellphones and motorbikes were drawn. So it looks like a very big event.

The grand prize during the first anniversary of FF in Brazil is an iPhone which can be “dropped” with tokens at the end of the match. So this is the rarest token so far in Free Fire.

Second FF Birthday

The second anniversary of FF falls on August 24, 2022. During this second anniversary, there are lots of prizes in the form of free Magic Cubes during the match.

So it might be a little disappointing for FF players because previously the prize was very special and turned into a free Magic Cube only.

FF Third Birthday

In 2022, Free Fire will celebrate its third anniversary. So we predict that it will probably fall on August 22, 2022 server time.

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If it’s not those dates then it will most likely happen around those dates. Anyway, the latest is August 25, 2022.


So that’s roughly the information from us regarding the birthday of Free Fire. Hopefully what we discuss can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to stop by to get the latest news from us. Want to find info about FF, Just Trick Area !!