Why can’t the Zoom application be opened? What is the reason?

In just a few hours, requests for information on why the Zoom app won’t open continue to increase. This is an unexpected problem or error for every user of the zoom application either on a cellphone or on a laptop. Why can’t the Zoom application be opened? We need to dissect all of this in this article so that everyone is not confused.

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At first, Zoom was an alternative online learning media that was in great demand. But over time it turned out that Zoom was dangerous and unsafe. Many people have accused Zoom of selling each user’s data on the black market. But is it true like that. We still don’t know for sure. Despite all of that, the Zoom application grew in popularity quickly but it should be realized that when the number of application users rose so significantly, it is not surprising that the Zoom application could not be opened.

We will now bring you into a rather complicated problem because it could be a Zoom that cannot be opened like this because it intends to eliminate its traces. Thus, user data that is still stored in it still cannot be removed. Instead of you thinking negatively, it’s a good idea to try to find a solution how to solve the zoom application that can’t be opened.

Why can’t the Zoom application be opened? Let’s Click

The name of the application can not be separated from the name error. The Zoom app is no exception. Zoom error cannot be opened like this is not a strange thing because the application will certainly continue to get updates from the developer so that when an update like this occurs, the Zoom application certainly cannot be opened.

Why the Zoom application can't be opened
Why the Zoom application can’t be opened

Therefore, that could be the main cause. On the other hand, you also won’t be surprised when you see an application on Android whose cache is increasing. The Zoom application cache that accumulates will certainly make the Zoom application work slowly and eventually cannot be opened.

Also, make sure you have sufficient quota to access the Zoom application. It could be because your internet quota is running out, your signal is weak and your area doesn’t support 4G, so Zoom can’t be opened or accessed.

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In our view, the three things above in general can be the main factor why the Zoom application cannot be opened either on a laptop or on a cellphone. However, it is also possible that Zoom has been removed by the developer, which is our worst guess. We hope that’s not the case.

How To Solve The Zoom Application Can’t Be Opened

If the Zoom App cannot be opened or cannot be accessed then try the solutions we have provided below.

  • If the reason why the Zoom application cannot be accessed is due to cache, then delete the Zoom cache from the application management system.
  • If the signal is not strong enough, then buy a quota first or move to a location with a strong internet network to access Zoom.
  • If Zoom can’t be opened because there is an update, update it immediately from the Play Store / App Store.
  • But if because it was deleted by the owner. Yes you can just give up.

In our opinion, how to solve Zoom that can’t be opened like that. Do you have any other suggestions? Say it in the comments column. We will try to add it in this article.


That’s all for our review of why the Zoom application can’t be opened. Hopefully it can be a discourse for you users of the Zoom application. For teachers, we suggest using Ms. Teams and Google Meet only if you want video conferences because they are more secure.