Why Telkomsel Maintenance Can’t Check Credit?

Lots of users Telkomsel who today is very disturbed by the problem of why Telkomsel Maintenance. Since this morning, many Telkomsel users feel that they cannot check their credit. Even more than that, from the official Telkomsel Twitter page, there are also many tweets about Telkomsel that have been disrupting since morning.

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Now, here Trick Area will only share a little bit about information about what maintenance means, then why there should be maintenance. Yes, we will only share information, not provide solutions on how to overcome Telkomsel maintenance. This is because maintenance issues are a personal matter for the Telkomsel company, so we as users can’t do anything.

Immediately, then we will try to discuss in more detail about the purpose of maintenance itself before we associate it with Telkomsel. Because this is not the only thing that often holds maintenance. But also many things such as Android applications and so on.

Why Telkomsel Maintenance? Here’s a Chance

Maintenance is an act of care for an object. Maintenance here is not without purpose. The name is treatment, so the goal is to provide renewal of the object itself. So if it is associated with Telkomsel, there is a possibility that Telkomsel is providing new things later after this treatment.

Why Telkomsel Maintenance
Why Telkomsel Maintenance

We can’t confirm what the new thing is that caused the Telkomsel maintenance today. Considering that Telkomsel is a very large company, it is not surprising that there are many complaints related to this. Actually if you know the purpose of maintenance then at least you understand this and are willing to be patient.

Anyway, if the problem is that Telkomsel can’t check credit today then we suggest that you wait until the maintenance is complete. Maybe there is an increase in capacity or something else. Insyaallah later it will be useful for all of you Telkomsel users. The problem is, we really can’t know the interests of people who use Telkomsel. So do not be surprised if there are many requests for Telkomsel maintenance to be completed immediately.

Telkomsel can’t check credit, apparently because of this

Initially, we suspected that the problem was that Telkomsel could not check credit only for some users. Moreover, when Alingga Putra posted a video about Telkomsel’s Indihome signal which had been interrupted since the beginning of the game. This adds to the description of the error problem that has occurred in Telkomsel since a few days.

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So, in our opinion, the reason Telkomsel can’t check credit is because of Telkomsel Maintenance. We don’t know about the details of what updates are included by Telkomsel, what we don’t know. Why? Yes, the reason is because we checked on Telkomsel’s official Twitter page and Telkomsel’s website, there is also no detailed information.


We think that’s enough information from us about why Telkomsel maintenance. I hope you will be patient. If not, then try to keep contacting Telkomsel CS to get more detailed information about today’s error.