Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk 2022

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk – Because Zarchiver Pro Mod is a tool to be able to open RAR Apk Files from MediaFire sites, Google Drive and other download sites.

Even Zarchiver is quite popular along with the development of several games & applications, what’s more, nowadays there are many downloads apart from official app purchase stores such as PlayStore.

Although the way to install it is a little different, you can say it is quite complicated, because you have to activate unknown sources, but in fact the Apk file has more demand.

When compared to applications or games from the Google Play Store, this is because usually many Apk files are made to resemble a game or application but contain a program.

Meanwhile, Zarchiver is an application on an Android phone made by ZDevs which is very useful in managing files that have been archived.

Only by using this Zarchiver you can perform many tasks including unpacking archives, creating archives, compressing files and doing other file management jobs.

For more details, please follow this article which will explain the Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk as follows.

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk

1. Features of Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk
Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk Features

Here are the features of Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk:

  • Light and dark theme: Because you can change the theme of the Zarchiver background with the option that is light and dark, because this aims to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light.
  • Password storage: When creating a file, you can generate randomly generated passwords, of course, the recommended password strength in the storage data is very strong.
  • Preview images in archives: While extracting files, it’s best if you look directly at the preview images of files that have the extension . Where there are several extensions such as 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, gzip, bzip2, XZ, iso, arj, cab, tar, Izh, lha, izma, tgz, tbz, xar, Z, deb, mtz, rpm, chm, dmg, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), cpio, wim, arc (freearc) and ecm.
  • Edit files in the archive: In this case, you can directly make edits in the archive easily.
  • Compatible with all Smartphones: Because Zarchiver Mod supports all smartphones including Android and IOS OS (iPhone, iPad and Mac).
  • Archiving Multiple Files with Extensions: What’s more you can archive multiple files with various types of extension formats including Zip, 7z (7zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), tar and XZ.
  • Security with encryption: Because security is quite guaranteed, because encryption uses a security code such as data and file names.
  • Fast compression process: Even the compression process is so fast starting from several storage devices, namely Flashdisk, data cable and so on. That way you can freely manage the files you download, and can even choose the compression speed.
  • Safe from viruses: If the downloaded file, including the file managed by Zarchiver, it is indicated that there is a virus, it will immediately raise a notification that it is recommended to stop all processes.

2. How to Download and Install Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk
How to Download and Install Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk

Here’s how to download and install Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk:

  • First of all, please download the application via the following link Download Zarchiver Pro Mod APK.
  • Then you go into the phone settings.
  • When it’s finished, then you open security and privacy.
  • You just have to look down, then mark Unknown Sources.
  • Then you are back in the File Manager.
  • The last step is to install the Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk as usual.

The final word

Thus the explanation that we have conveyed to you, of course this information is very important to know Zarchiver Pro Mod.

Zarchiver Pro Mod has a variety of features, including very safe to use and even the absence of viruses in this application.

Moreover, using this application is quite easy, you know, compared to using other applications which are usually quite complicated.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk. That’s all and good luck.

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